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Combination of an iPod Transfer, iPhone Transfer and iPad Transfer which can transfer data among iOS devices, iTunes and computer
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26 November 2015

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This software tool is for transfer of data among devices in the iDevice category from Apple, your PC and the iTunes services.

Leawo iTransfer is a file transferring software for Apple devices including iPod, iPhone and iPad. This tool will help you manage transfers among iPod/ iPhone/ iPad/ PC/ iTunes with ease. Essentially, you can achieve transfer of files among iOS devices, local PC and iTunes. All the media/ content files that you consume can now be moved around on your PC or the favorite handheld device. Sharing, playing, storing and whatever else you can think of, can be carried out easily. Other file types that you could support in addition include music audios, movie videos, TV shows, phone ringtones, photos, e-book and other media files. Simply storing the media or to have backup of the things you like, are the important uses for this tool.

Whenever you have a large amount of content/files you need a god search functionality, so that you are able to find the piece when needed. The smart file filter facilitates file archive selection, which makes it an intelligent transfer. Direct drag-and-drop helps loading the files for transfer. The interface is simple and intuitive making the use of the functionalities very easy to access and execute. The directory structure to the left of the main area makes it easy to pick out the right files. Playlists can be managed easily. So, if you own a few of the Apple devices and buy things from the iTunes and have a Mac, this is a tool that can keep things under control for you.

Publisher's description

Leawo iTransfer is powerful transfer software which can be used for transferring files among iOS devices, iTunes and PCs. Leawo iTransfer can be regarded as the best transfer software, and it will make all your iPhone, iPad and iPod transfers go with ease. Leawo iTransfer is very easy to use software, in few steps you are able to transfer files to target folder or device within minutes.
Leawo iTransfer supports the following files to transfer among iOS devices, iTunes and PCs: audio files, video files, ringtones, photos, apps, PDFs and so on. When using Leawo iTransfer, all these files can be easily transferred without iTunes' synchronization. This multifunctional software can also be used for backing up your iPhone, iPad and iPod files, and making your iOS devices as flash disks for storing any files you want. The transfer among iOS devices, iTunes and PCs is convenient and fast with Leawo iTransfer, and the drag/drop design makes this software easy to use.
Furthermore, Leawo iTransfer is very easy to use, and you are able to transfer files within minutes. Even if you have files which are not got from the iTunes, you can directly transfer the files to target folder or devices with this iTransfer. Leawo iTransfer is definitely a must-have for your iPhone, iPad and iPod transfers.
Key Features of Leawo iTransfer:
1. Transferring files fast among iOS devices, iTunes and PCs.
2. Backing up iPhone, iPad and iPod with ease.
3. Making your iPhone, iPad and iPod as flash disks for storing any files you want.
4. Supporting various kinds of files to transfer.
5. Saving configuration information and documents inside when installing apps.
6. Supporting latest iOS operating system and latest iPhone, iPad and iPod.
7. Finding files with smart filter and searching function.
8. Managing playlists with ease.
9. Being absolutely easy to use.
Leawo iTransfer
Leawo iTransfer
Version 1.9
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